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Role of retargeting in the Scenario of COVID -19 - WebCreatify

By Vanshika Rastogi

The outbreak of Coronavirus named COVID-19 has disrupted the world economy resulting in the GDP loss in 2020....

Artificial Intelligence: Becoming a boon of Retail Sector - WebCreatify

By Vaibhavi Kengale

Artificial Intelligence establishing a new Empire in the Retail sectors. Ai is powering every personalized shopping and customer experiences. ...

An Exceptional Transformation Of Facebook From Social Media To Marketing - WebCreatify

By Ritika Pundir

Facebook Marketing attracts millions of users by creating a page on FB that helps in brand promotion and to build up customer loyalty. ...

E-mail Marketing : Key to Effective Communication - WebCreatify

By Shreya Singh

E-mail marketing is a part of online marketing in which companies send mails to the consumers or a group of consumer to inform them about their business. ...

How did digital marketing help the small companies and top Organisations - WebCreatify

By Shreya Singh

No matter whether the company is new or old, vast or small, but it must overlook digital marketplace for the betterment. ...

Search Engine : A Revolutionize Web Searching - WebCreatify

By Ritika Pundir

The search engine enables the users to collect information on the WWW (World Wide Web)...

Content Marketing: A Tactics to Success!! - WebCreatify

By Ritika Pundir

Content marketing is an effective way to attract customers through relevant content and data. ...

Social Media Marketing: A Boon!! - WebCreatify

By Ritika Pundir

Social Media Marketing is marketing tactics that indulge the use of social media for brand promotions....

Digital Marketing: Boon for Business - WebCreatify

By Shreya Singh

Digital marketing is the combination of interest usage and computerized media and technology. ...

The Remarkable Rise of Influencer Marketing - WebCreatify

By Swarnava Naskar

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that combines social media and content marketing with the association of key leaders, more commonly referred to as influencers....

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